Command Line Interface


--compile <input file path> [output file path] - compiles the file and exits

sanny.exe --compile C:\myscm.txt C:\myscm.scm

The output file path parameter is optional. If there is no output path parameter, the compiler uses the format rules to compute the output file name.

The input file must have no errors. If there are errors found during compilation, they will be logged in the file compile.log. When compilation ends, the program shuts down.

Shortcut: -c


--debug - toggles debug options

sanny.exe --debug 11000


--game <game> - selects the default mode for the given game. Known game values are:

  • gta3

  • vc

  • sa

  • lcs

  • vcs

  • sa_mobile

Shortcut: -g

sanny.exe --game sa


--mode <id> - selects the mode by id. Modes and their ids are defined in the modes.xml file.

Shortcut: -m

sanny.exe --mode vcs_psp


--no-splash - runs Sanny Builder without the splash screen

sanny.exe --no-splash


-x <file path> - sets the path to the file with the edit modes configuration

sanny.exe -x ..\my-modes.xml