The console offers an ability to switch debug options of Sanny Builder. Mostly they relate to the disassembler features and you can see the changes when disassemble a file. The console window is open after pressing Ctrl+~. You may enter the commands in the input line. After typing a command press Enter to proceed. The console will display a result.

Available commands

All commands are case-insensitive.

help – shows the help information about the console clear – clears the console list – shows in the console the list of all commands list options – lists all available debug options toggle [on/off] – enable or disable debug options

The input command ends either with the word ON (the option will be enabled) or OFF (the option will be disabled), or nothing (the option will be toggled from ON to OFF or from OFF to ON).

Before enabling the following options turn on the debug mode with the command toggle debug_mode ON

Debug Options


The disassembler prints an offset for each command.


After compiling the console contains the list of the global variables used only once in the code (i.e. can be removed or replaced with local variables).


The disassembler missing opcodes, incorrect parameters and so on. It helps to calmost any file that used to be protected or compiled incorrectly.


Disassembles array elements as global variables with indices. It's available for GTA SA (enabled by default), LCS, VCS modes.

E.g. given an array of three elements starting with $10 this option affect the way the variables look like after disassembling:










The disassembler skips the header of the input file. It allows to open headless scripts (e.g. the ones from script.img or CLEO scripts). Also makes the compiler compile a .scm file without the header .

Alternate ways

Sanny Builder offers a few other ways to toggling debug options outside of the console that might be useful in some cases.

Running with the \debug parameter

Usage of the command-line parameter \debug is an alternate way to switch the debug options. Run Sanny with the parameter \debug=X, where X is a series of 0 and 1. Each digit in the series corresponds to a particular debug option:


Debug Option











sanny.exe \debug=11000

The first 1 enables the CODE_OFFSETS option, the second 1 enables the IGNORE_UNKNOWN mode. The remaining zeros disable VAR_COUNTER, CONSTANT_INDEXES, SKIP_SCM_HEADER.

Using GUI

Clicking the right-most button in the main toolbar shows a drop-down menu with the list of debug options.

Each menu item toggles a particular debug option. The change comes into effect immediately.