Opcode Search Tool

You can call this tool by pressing Ctrl+Alt+2 or by selecting the menu item: Tools->IDE Tools->Opcode Search.

To find an opcode, type some words in the input line, e.g. actor car. The tool displays the opcodes with these words. You can also use special search operators.

When the tool is open, it checks if there is a selected word in the editor. If the selected word is found, it will be copied into the search field.

Copying Results

To copy an opcode into clipboard, select it in the list and press Enter. To add another opcode to the clipboard content press Shift+Enter. To copy the entire results list press F2.


Enter copy selected opcode onto clipboard Shift+Enter add selected opcode to the clipboard F1 - show help information F2 - copy all opcodes from the results list into clipboard F3 - sort the list by opcodes F4 - sort the list alphabetically F11 - clear the search field, display all opcodes ESC - close the tool window

Search Queries

AND operator

A single space between words serves as the AND operator:

@ player

Finds all opcodes with both @ and the word player.

OR operator

The pipe character | is the OR operator:

@ | player

Finds all opcodes with either @ or player.

If you write | as the first character in the search, the tool will connect all the following words with the OR operator.

| actor player car

Finds opcodes with either actor, player or car.

NOT operator

Two dashes before the word exclude opcodes with this word from the result:

car --actor

Finds opcodes with car but without actor.

A single dash can be used before identifiers or $ and @ characters, but not numbers:

-10 -@ -car ---1

Finds opcodes with the number -10 and without @, car and -1

Search in conditional opcodes

^ - shows only conditional opcodes ^word - finds word in the conditional opcodes:

^car ==

Finds all conditional opcodes with car and ==.

-^ - excludes all conditional opcodes from the list:

player -^

Finds all non-conditional opcodes with player.

-^word - excludes the conditional opcodes with word:

player -^actor

Finds opcodes with player, with the exception of the conditional opcodes with actor.

Respect the order of the words

% - finds opcodes with the words in the given order:

% @ = @

Finds opcodes where @ = @ follow each other (possibly with other words in between).

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