This tab contains the general settings used by Sanny Builder.

Game Directory

Sanny Builder needs certain game files while working, so you have to choose a correct directory where the game for the current edit mode is installed. You may input the path manually or by selecting the directory via the dialog appearing when you press the button.

Interface Language

List of available translations for Sanny Builder. Select a language to update the program interface.

Translation files are located in the lang folder. More information on how to create a new translation or update the existing one can be found at sannybuilder/translations.

File Association

You may associate different file extensions with Sanny Builder. When a checkbox is selected, your Windows Registry is changed and you may open the files with this extension simply by clicking it. To remove the association, unselect the checkbox.

Core Settings

Always overwrite output file

This option determines how the disassembler treats the output file when a file with the same name exists already. By default the disassembler keeps the existing file and creates a new one with the extra number in the name (e.g. main[0].txt).

When this option is checked the disassembler replaces the existing file with a new file.

Show progress

Display a live progress bar during disassembling or compilation. Showing the progress slightly slows the execution time. When this option is turned off the status bar displays the words: Please wait.

Show report

Displays a popup window with various information about the compiled file.

Show warning

This option is only used during compilation of the San Andreas scripts. If the game is running, the file script.img containing external scripts can not be overwritten as the game uses this file and the compiler complains about it. You may disable the warning by unchecking this box.

Manual IMG opening

When the disassembling process starts, the program searches the file script.img containing some game scripts. If this file is not present in the same folder with the .SCM file or in the San Andreas\data\scripts folder, the error message is displayed. If this option is enabled, a file select dialog appears and you can provide another script.img file manually.

Quick game loading

With this option Sanny Builder skips the startup splash screens when launching San Andreas (F8). If this feature does not work with your game version, disable this option.

Check conditions

This option has two meanings. First, the program replaces the number of conditions in the IF opcode with AND or OR. Second, the program is able to compile the IF..END construct, and calculate needed IF parameter in the conditions with words AND or OR.

Ranges check

The number of local and global variables is limited. When this option is checked, the compiler checks if a variable fits the available range.

Write opcodes

If this option is unchecked, the disassembler uses available classes and keywords instead of opcodes. In addition, simple math expressions have no opcodes.

If the option is checked, all opcodes are present in the output file.

Replace mission numbers

When this option is checked, the disassembler replaces mission numbers in start_mission with their names. The mission name is the label name defined in the file header. This name also could be used to quickly navigate to the mission code.

Insert original mission names

When this option is checked, the disassembler adds the mission title as a comment for the opcode start_mission and for the line DEFINE MISSION in the file header.

Add extra info to SCM

If this option is checked the compiler adds extra information at the end of the resulting file. This info is used later when this file gets disassembled to restore the source closer to the original. The following data is stored:

The file compiled with the extra information can not be open in Sanny Builder prior to v3.00 (unless the ignore_unknown option is enabled).

Starting from v3.8.0 the disassembler can ignore extra information.

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