Opcodes List (SCM.INI)

Opcodes documentation can be found in Sanny Builder Library.

SCM.INI is the file containing information about opcodes used during disassembling and compiling script files. Sanny Builder ships a list of opcodes for each edit mode.

Starting v4.0, this file is optional and can be substituted with the new definition files available for download in Sanny Builder Library. New SBL edit modes use only JSON files.


File Name





Vice City



San Andreas



Liberty City Stories



Vice City Stories



VC Mobile



SA Mobile



File Format

Lines starting with ; are ignored.


Special INI parameters provide metadata information about the opcodes list.

VERSION – defines the version of this file. See the $VERSION directive PUBLISHER – who authored this version DATE – the update date. The disassembler prints the metadata in the first line of the output file.

Opcode Definition

Each line has the following syntax:

xxxx=N, yyyy XXXX – the opcode number N – the number of parameters yyyy – the opcode description.

The opcode number and the number of parameters are final and can't be changed. The description is open to modifications.

If the INI file contains multiple definitions for the same opcode, the latter controls.

By convention a description for a conditional opcode starts with two spaces.

Opcode Parameters

A parameter is a dynamic part of the opcode. They start and end with %

0001=1,wait %1d% ms

This line is the definition of the opcode 0001. When the disassembler finds 0001 in a script it prints the wordswait and ms with the parameter value in-between to the output file.

A parameter consists of two parts: a number and a type.

Parameters Order

The number in parameter %1d% is its index. The idea is that some opcodes have their parameters rearranged to make source code more readable.

0053=5,%5d% = create_player %1o% at %2d% %3d% %4d%

The disassembler writes the 5th opcode parameter before any others.

0053: $PLAYER_CHAR = сreate_player #NULL at 2488.562 -1666.865 12.8757 

If the parameters will follow their original order, the opcode 0053 would look like:

0053: сreate_player #NULL at 2488.562 -1666.865 12.8757 $PLAYER_CHAR

Changing parameters order in the INI file should be avoided by any means as it makes the source code incompatible with the default opcode definitions or earlier scripts.

Parameters order may vary from mode to mode. See the comparison table in Edit modes to find out which mode uses which type.

Parameter Types

A letter following the index number indicates the parameter type.

d - any value p - a label reference o - any model id (including objects) m - an .ide model id (no objects) g - a key from the .gxt file x - an external script ID k - a fixed-size null-terminated string literal (128 bytes)

You can freely change parameters types, if needed.

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