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Alexander Blade, Barton Waterduck, BG_ASM, Capushon, CyQ, Demarest, JernejL, Hammer83, koPPP, listener, MatiDragon, Midnightz, OrionSR, pdescobar, PLPynton, San'OK, Sergey81, spaceeinstein, Silent, Vital, wmysterio, XMDS, Y_Less, ZAZ, and many others.

Special thanks to yelmi and Xieon for their support.


Y_Less, tomworld10, -Shadow-Link, Mordecki, Silent, WordsBG, FunGt, Wesser, Mobster, Jost_Vice, Thomazu, Balint, Ridvan and Tuna (RT), Mega GTA?nik, SHooZ, Yi Yangyijk, VCT team, Alex5526, Marek Simsa, Syping/Hulkkiller, IMasterFX, MINE, MatiDragon, wmysterio, forms55, XMDS, NicusorN5, Sdas50, Bloodriver the Conqueror


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