0029: Invalid debug script ID

The compiler can't read the parameter value of the opcode 05B6, or the value is not a number.

This opcode references a chunk of debug data left by the game developers. This data is cached in *.bin files in the Sanny Builder directory. It has no special meaning in runtime and is left in the disassembled code only to preserve one-to-one match with the original script.

Since v3.6 Sanny Builder deprecates the old form of this opcode with a single number parameter in favor of the new k type. Now this instruction accepts a string literal enclosed in double quotes:

05B6: 1 // before v3.6
05B6: "some string" // after v3.6

Similar opcodes in SA Mobile have been updated too:

0A66: write_log "Mission Page 0" 
0A67: write_log_int 15@ 15@ 15@ "taking money off player" 
0A68: write_log_float 10@ 10@ 10@ "debug" 
0A6E: set_widget_texture 54 "hud_check" 

More information: https://github.com/sannybuilder/dev/issues/21

Possible solutions: use the number produced by the disassembler, or delete this opcode from the script.

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