0089: Opcode not found

The compiler finds an opcode that is not available among the standard opcodes (available with vanilla game) and the current script extensions.

Possible solutions: add directive {$USE <extension_name>} where <extension_name> is one of the available extensions defining the opcode.

For example, opcode 0BA2 in GTA III is only available with CLEO 2.0 and MemoryModule plugin. In order to make you aware of this extra dependency the compiler throws this error if it can't find {$USE memory}. For existing scripts adding this directive will be a one-time change and the script continues to compile.

{$USE memory}

If you're unsure which extension the opcode belongs to, open the file extensions.txt in the edit mode's directory (Sanny Builder\data\<edit mode>\extensions.txt) and locate it there.

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