Version History

v. 3.9.1 - 18.09.2023

  • array name in expressions without opcode could be a constant #250

  • preserve global variable index when disassembling with extra info #251

  • default choice for option Case converting should be "As is" #256

  • fix an issue with compiling opcode 0B17 #254

  • fix an issue when Sanny doesn't present the option to use the included script text. #258

  • fixed some issues with string variables #259, #265

v. 3.9.0 - 09.09.2023

  • command names defined in Sanny Builder Library JSON files are now valid keywords

  • HEX..END improvements (repeat the same byte N times, include binary files)

  • simplified const and variable declarations (const x = 1, y = 2, float x, y, z)

  • new operators (bitwise, =@, =#)

  • {$INCLUDE_ONCE} directive

  • adding new edit modes can be done by copying them into the data folder, the modes.xml is gone

  • bug fixes and other changes

👏 Thanks to all people who helped and contributed to this release, and many thanks to my supporters on Patreon.

Previous versions allowed the compilation of some broken code. Now, it will produce an error. You can find examples of such code here.

Complete list of changes

v. 3.8.5 - 22.02.2023

v. 3.8.4 - 17.02.2023

  • keep previously opened documents when launching SB with an input file (Open with) #151

  • add "--decompile" parameter to CLI

  • fix bugs #212, #213, #180

  • fix some compilation issues with classes using string literals

v. 3.8.3 - 08.01.2023

v. 3.8.2 - 08.09.2022

v. 3.8.1 - 01.09.2022

  • added support for more commands terminating an if statement with multiple conditions #133

    if and
        0AB0: is_key_pressed 9
	0AB0: is_key_pressed 10
    0AA0: gosub_if_false @label // was not working before, now compiles

👏 Thanks to everyone who contributed to this version: NicusorN5, Junior_Djjr, wmysterio, MatiDragon, DanielSant0s, JaggerJam69, Vital, Sdas50, nick7

Complete list of changes

v. 3.8.0 - 04.08.2021

  • integration with Sanny Builder Library: a new portal documenting all known opcodes

  • disassembler now outputs the content of a hex..end block as a string if it's a sequence of ASCII characters ending with 00 #33

  • new debug option to let disassembler ignore custom information attached to the compiled script

  • new CLI parameter to launch the editor with custom options

  • custom user templates are now stored in a separate file and kept between updates

  • hotkeys using Numpad buttons have been changed (Zoom text: Ctrl + +/- and Navigate to label and back: Alt + Right/Left)

  • updated CLEO+ plugin to v1.0.8

  • updated translations to Hungarian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Chinese languages

👏 Kudos to contributors to this release: forms55, MatiDragon, Vital, wmysterio, XMDS

Complete list of changes

v. 3.7.0 - 30.01.2021

Read more on constants highlighting there: Language service.

Complete list of changes

👏 Kudos to XMDS for contributions to this release.

v. 3.6.2 - 29.11.2020

  • fixed a bug with labels missing in disassembled CLEO scripts #99

v. 3.6.1 - 27.11.2020

  • updated translation to Ukrainian language

  • updated CLEO+ plugin to v1.0.4

  • updated opcode definitions and keywords for CLEO opcodes #95

  • fixed several regression bugs in compiler #96, #98

  • minor fixes and improvements (see the complete list)

👏 Kudos to wmysterio and XMDS for their contributions.

v. 3.6.0 - 11.11.2020

  • support for enumerated types in classes

  • new types of opcode parameters: m% and k%

  • initial support for language extensions

  • better integration with CLEO library:

  • added keywords for all opcodes in GTA SA SCR mode

  • word thread has been replaced with script in opcode definitions and keywords (see why)

  • IDE updates:

    • the game directory is no longer required to compile a script (#48)

    • the "Compile and Copy" destination could be configured (#9)

    • updated Spanish and Italian translations

    • added option to associate Sanny Builder with *.csa and *.csi files (CLEO Android scripts).

Complete list of changes

👏 Kudos to MatiDragon and Wesser for updated translations.

v. 3.5.1 - 21.08.2020

  • fixed a bug with LCS and VCS compilation (#56)

  • arrays in LCS and VCS now get custom names from CustomVariables.ini and CustomArrays.ini (#53)

👏 Kudos to darkdraggy for reporting the first bug and helping to test the fix.

v. 3.5.0 - 18.08.2020

New opcode definitions for GTA LCS and GTA VCS are incompatible with the previous definitions. You must disassemble the main.scm prior to making any scripts for those games.

👏 Kudos to marcelo_20xx and fastman92 for their awesome contribution to this release.

v. 3.4.1 - 06.08.2020

  • fixed incorrect number of parameters in opcode 04E3 in VCSSCM.INI

  • fixed the issue with the disassembler ignoring Write opcodes option and producing a callable label when a regular label is expected

v. 3.4.0 - 04.08.2020

  • added compiler support for the SCM format of GTA: Vice City Stories (#2)

  • added syntax for declaring local variables with custom names (#32)

  • added a simpler form of calling subroutines using labels: a label name followed by a pair of parentheses () substitutes a gosub command

  • added more customization points for edit modes:

    • path to a GXT file used by the disassembler (#7)

    • path to opcodes.txt (#5)

    • exclusive code templates

  • added a new tutorial on higher level constructions in the Sanny Builder language, see help\examples directory

  • IDE updates:

    • Run San Andreas menu action now checks for gta-sa.exe (Steam)

    • a new menu item to quickly bootstrap a CLEO script file (see the bottom note in Code Templates)

    • links to the new documentation portal in the main menu and error messages

  • minor updates:

    • updated opcode descriptions (player money += in SA, award_achievement in SA Mobile, 0479 in VCS)

    • renamed variables script_controlled_player and flag_player_on_mission to PLAYER_ACTOR and ONMISSION respectively in GTA III's CustomVariables.ini (#3)

    • reverted files in the help\GXT Strings directory to the older version (#25)

    • renamed macroes.txt to templates.txt

👏 Kudos to OrionSR, ZAZ, XMDS, and Wesser for their awesome contribution to this release.

v. 3.3.3 - 20.10.2019

  • fixed a bug causing incorrect external scripts compilation

v. 3.3.2 - 19.10.2019

  • fixed bugs #0036, #0050

  • fixed the opcode 059C in the Vice City mode

v. 3.3.1 - 14.09.2019

  • fixed the bug #0048

  • included constants.txt missing in the GTA SA mode

v. 3.3.0 - 08.09.2019

  • added compiler support for the Liberty City Stories SCM format

  • added aliases for the timer variables: TIMERA and TIMERB

  • changed the Ranges check option to apply to the global variables

v. 3.2.4 - 04.08.2019

  • fixed bugs #0031, #0032, #0033, #0040, #0044

  • fixed a regression defect when a CHM help file can not be open

  • updated opcode definitions for GTA 3 and Vice City

  • added IDE support for CLEO 2.0 for III and VC

v. 3.2.3 - 07.07.2019

  • improved support for the version of GTA San Andreas for WinStore, Xbox 360, and PS3

  • fixed an issue with opcodes 09A4 and 0A18 not being properly decompiled in the SA_Mobile mode

v. 3.2.2 - 05.07.2014

  • added translation into Korean language (thanks to MINE)

  • improved HEX..END construct processing

  • fixed the bug #0000028

v. 3.2.1 - 04.05.2014

  • added translation into Indonesian language (thanks to IMasterFX)

  • CLEO for GTA III and CLEO for Vice City updated (thanks to Silent)

  • fixed bugs #0000026, #0000027

v. 3.2.0 - 22.03.2014

  • adding custom edit modes by editing the games.xml file is now possible

  • new edit mode - GTA SA SCR

  • variables can be quickly declared using a type name prefix

  • CLEO updated to the version 4.3.16

  • added the InstaSearch feature (formerly 'jump to label' function)

  • mission names can be changed by editing appropriate missions.txt files

  • improved association of the script file extensions with Sanny Builder

  • Sanny Builder only checks if the game directory path is not empty, no checks for specific files (such as an .exe)

  • minor improvements in the SB updating feature

  • changed the Sanny Builder icon and the menu icons

  • fixed the bug #0000024

v. 3.1.4 - 22.02.2014

  • CLEO updated to the version 4.3.14

  • fixed minor interface glitches for hi-res displays

  • updated German, Polish, Chinese, Ukrainian translations

v. 3.1.3 - 22.12.2013

  • added support for iOS and Android versions of GTA San Andreas

  • a code scan value is now used when making a list of constants

  • updated Chinese and German translations

v. 3.1.2 - 06.10.2013

  • added Czech translation

  • added options to associate file extensions .cs and .cm with Sanny Builder

  • fixed bugs #0000011, #0000020

v. 3.1.1 - 22.09.2013

  • added a new directive $OPCODE to register a new opcode in the script

  • corrected behavior of the directive $INCLUDE while scanning directories for the file

  • fixed bugs #0000005, #0000019

v. 3.1.0 - 14.09.2013

  • VCSCM.ini is updated to include opcodes for the GTA VC mobile version and unsupported opcodes

  • when the option Add extra info to SCM is enabled, Sanny Builder remembers the game a script is compiled for, to use the proper edit mode when decompiling

  • when the option Add extra info to SCM is enabled, Sanny Builder adds a source code into a script file (only when the directive $EXTERNAL or $CLEO is present)

  • added a new directive $NOSOURCE to prohibit including a source code into a compiled script

  • some hotkeys are now customizable in the options

  • added a feature to check automatically if an update exists at the program startup

  • directives $VERSION and $VERSION_RESTORE are deprecated

  • updated Spanish and Chinese translations

  • Coords manager is now able to change the player's angle in GTA VC

  • The Sanny Builder installation now includes the SCRLog CLEO plugin by LINK/2012 (can be found in the tools folder)

v. 3.09 - 28.07.2013

  • Sanny Builder is licensed under the Sanny Builder Freeware/Donationware License Agreement

  • added a feature to report found bugs via the official bug tracker

  • added a feature to check if an update is available

  • Coords manager is upgraded to work with all known versions of GTA3, VC and SA (thanks to Silent)

  • added an updated Chinese translation

  • minor design changes

v. 3.08 - 05.07.2013

  • added Silent's ASI Loader v1.1 as a default ASI loader for CLEO 3 and CLEO 4

  • added Chinese translation

  • added classes File and Audiostream for backward compatibility with CLEO 4 by Alien

File.Open, Audiostream.Load, Audiostream.Load3D were methods in CLEO 4. Now they are properties. It means, if you get an error when compiling old sources with these commands, change their syntax to: var = File.Open(file_name, mode) var = Audiostream.Load(file_name) var = Audiostream.Load3D(file_name)

  • the compiler now accepts a string literal as a parameter in a class property

There is a limit on using space characters in such parameter.

  • the compiler now throws an error for a malformed string literal like text1"text2" or text1'text2' (without a leading quotation mark)

  • the compiler is able to compile comment markers (curly braces) within a string ("{text1}text2")

  • the semicolon (;) can not be used to comment out a line of the code

  • changed the syntax of the \debug parameter

  • added flag icons for the available languages in the options

  • fixed some issues with disassembling of the VCS SCM format

v. 3.06 - 17.06.2013

  • added new operators ++ and --

  • added support for block comments /* */

  • SASCM.INI got an update from the GTAG Database

  • replaced properties Actor.Armour and Actor.Car with their correct versions Actor.AddArmour and Actor.MissionCar

  • added a new property Actor.CurrentCar for the opcode 03C0 in the SA and VC classes.

  • added new hotkeys Ctrl+Num+ and Ctrl+Num- to quickly change the text size

  • Sanny Builder now remembers a number of closed files for the option Load all closed files

  • fixed a bug when the compiler failed to compile a source with multiple HEX..END constructs

  • fixed a bug of version 3.05 when the program hung on startup trying to open a file

v. 3.05 - 05.06.2013

  • added new translations for the following languages: Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Ukrainian

  • the CLEO library updated to version (CLEO 4 by Alien)

  • added a possibility to install CLEO for GTA III and Vice City (made by Alien)

  • opcode files (**SCM.ini, opcodes.txt) replaced with the ones from the CLEO 4 library installation

v. 3.04 - 17.08.2008

  • the editor is able to to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal ones and vice versa (Ctrl+H), and convert the model names to their IDs (Ctrl+Alt+H)

  • removed a warning message about script.img being used by the game when compiling a CLEO script

  • the post-compilation report shows the size of a CLEO script (as Largest script)

  • fixed a bug when compiling an array with constant numeric indexes

  • the installer no longer requires the system administrator rights

v. 3.03 - 17.11.2007

  • the previous version of CLEO had a bug

  • minor changes (the toolbar position wasn't saved)

v. 3.02 - 16.11.2007

  • new version of the CLEO library

  • main toolbar is movable

  • the Compile+Copy feature (F7) does not create a copy of the output file if the source has $E or $CLEO directives

  • during a compilation run after pressing F6, the output file for a source file with the $CLEO directive

    is created in the same directory; after F7 the output file is created in the CLEO directory (similarly to SCM files)

  • new translations: Italian, Portuguese

v. 3.01- 06.08.2007

  • bug-fixes update

v. 3.00 - 04.08.2007

  • the CLEO 3 library is integrated into Sanny Builder

  • disassembler supports the SCM format of Vice City Stories

  • constants support

  • new directives $INCLUDE,$EXTERNAL,$CLEO

  • writing of the additional info to the end of a script file

  • a possibility to decompile SCM files having no header

  • an ability to create an external script named AAA

  • a new command line parameter \compile

  • a possibility to use a floating-point value as the counter value in a FOR..END loop

  • dropped support for the commands WriteMem and ReadMem

  • a possibility to use regular expressions when searching

  • a possibility to save a source file in the RTF or HTML formats

  • an ability to skip the splashes at SA startup

  • a new key combo Ctrl+Enter

  • updated SASCM.INI

v. 2.99e - 01.01.2007

  • fixed a bug when parts of the code within the HEX..END construct disappeared in debug mode

  • a HEX..END construct now accepts the aDMA type and string literals

  • a FOR loop accepts model identifiers as the counter values

v. 2.99d - 03.12.2006

v. 2.99c - 30.11.2006

  • added the Memory Hacker plug-in

  • disassembler supports the SCM format of Liberty City Stories

  • support for constant numbers as indexes of global arrays

  • a global variable gets disassembled with the type aDMA (&) if its address is not divisible by 4

  • the compiler uses default values during compilation of amain.scm with the missing header segments (DEFINE XXX)

  • a possibility to Drag&Drop a file into the editor to open it

  • new preprocessor directives: {$VERSION}, {$VERSION_RESTORE}

If you get a compiler error message like Unknown directive xxxx when compiling the sources from v2.99, replace the line {$VERSION xxxx} to any place after the header, for instance before the comment //-------------MAIN---------------

v. 2.99 - 27.09.2006

  • added new commands WriteMem and ReadMem

  • support for hexadecimal numbers

  • HEX..END statement accepts labels and global variables

  • full support for the ADMA datatype

  • an opportunity to give custom names to labels

  • an opportunity to choose a different case for custom names and strings

  • added console to switch debug options

  • decompiler supports GXT files of GTA III & GTA VC

  • added escape sequences in long string literals

  • information about INI file (version, author, date)

  • classes support the original order of the parameters (like in SASCM.INI by PLPynton). The script should have a line {$VERSION x.0.xxxx} to support such order, see comments in the INI about this

  • added option to confirm an exit from the program

  • a dropdown menu to switch edit modes

  • converting of the selected piece of code

  • an opportunity to pass the current file name to an external tool

  • corrected some mistakes in the configuration files

  • removed auto-casting of an integer number to the float one when a variable is declared as Float. Now the compiler chooses an opcode depending on the number type only (in math expressions without opcodes)

  • reading/writing of the player's z_angle in Coord Manager; quick insertion of the z_angle value in the script by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E (for SA)

The following opcodes were changed in SASCM.INI: 0181, 00c3, 00c4 in order to support the commands WriteMem and ReadMem. The original scripts did not use these opcodes and the unmodified games do not implement them so it should not break existing scripts.

The class member Car.SetSpeedInstantly was named incorrectly (with a wrong opcode) in the classes.db for SA. If you get an error message about this method during compilation, rename it toActor.DrivingPlane. We apologize.

v. 2.98 - 04.08.2006

  • Sanny Builder became multilingual

  • added menu for external applications

  • a special version of Opcode Search Tool has been built into SB. The details can be found in the file OST Readme.txt

  • validating math expressions during disassembling when Write opcodes is disabled (to ensure that opcodes are used properly)

  • an opportunity to choose a script.img file manually if the folder with the main.scm file does not have one

  • an opportunity to add a new code template directly from the editor; added template descriptions

  • the list of models can be sorted alphabetically/by value (Alt+S when the list is active)

  • minor corrections and changes

v. 2.97 - 11.06.2006

  • new data type: & for direct byte address (ADMA).

  • minor updates

v. 2.96 - 01.04.2006

  • improved the jump to label option

  • added an opportunity to show the list of templates

  • added an option to replace mission numbers with their names

  • fixed some bugs

v. 2.9f - 18.02.2006

  • the DEFINE OBJECT list is now optional (the compiler can make it out of model names used in the script)

  • support for block comments {}

  • keypress recording

  • minor changes

v. 2.9 - 15.12.2005

  • new operator IN

  • added support for WHILE and REPEAT loops

  • added support for nested loops

  • added a new function Alloc, allowing to assign a specific memory address to a global variable

  • new comment style: //

  • the editor now remembers the position of markers and the cursor in closed files

v. 2.6 - 05.11.2005

  • full support of SCM formats of Vice City and GTA 3

  • an opportunity to declare variables and arrays as class instances

  • added a feature to display the list of variables and labels

  • added loops (FOR..END)

  • minor changes:

    • missions can be referenced by their name (start_mission MYMISSION where MYMISSION is the label defined in lineDEFINE MISSION XX at @MYMISSION)

    • Ctrl+Space displays the list of imported models (DEFINE OBJECT)

    • new operator <>

    • if the disassembler can't find a script.img file, it uses the one from the game folder

    • added handle type for arrays

    • an opportunity to switch off a warning that the script.img file is being used by the game

v. 2.5 - 10.10.2005

v. 2.0 - 18.09.2005

  • added classes support

  • added keywords support

  • some math commands can be written without opcodes (e.g.0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0038, 0039, 0042, 0043)

  • for the opcode 00D6 the default parameter is 0 (if = if 0)

  • added the option to customize labels output

  • added keywords True and False which correspond to 1 and 0

  • added construction HEX...END for writing hexadecimal values directly in a binary output

v. 1.1 - 07.09.2005

v. 1.0 - 04.09.2005

  • new format of labels

  • added converter from the BW's SA Mission Builder syntax

  • disassembler adds the model names and the text from american.gxt in a source file

  • added new options

  • fixed some bugs

v. 0.8 - 20.08.2005

  • added an ability to associate SCM files with Sanny Builder

  • disassembler adds an additional index to the file name if a file with the same name already exists (e.g, if main.scm.txt already exists, a new file will be main.scm[0].txt)

  • more informative error messages

  • added a check for duplicated labels

  • fixed some bugs

v. 0.7 - 10.08.2005

  • added new options for text editing

  • added an ability to work with multiple files simultaneously

  • added a function to auto-complete an opcode with the F1 button (beta)

v. 0.6 - 04.08.2005

  • disassembling support for GTA SA SCM format

  • compilation of text sources into main.scm and script.img

  • basic features for text editing

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