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Theme Editor

Theme Editor is a new built-in tool that replaces syntax highlighting options. It can be launched from the Editor tab.
Theme configuration includes colors and style for interface and code elements.
Each element has 3 properties: Foreground, Background, and Style. Some properties can be unavailable for certain elements. Available style elements are: B – bold, I – italic, U – underlined.

Interface Elements

  • Editor – text color and background of the main editing area
  • Active Line – a line where the cursor is
  • Gutter – area to the left of the editor
  • Bottom Panel – status bar at the bottom of the editor
  • Bottom Panel Border – color of section borders in the bottom panel

Code elements

  • Comments – a text after // or between {} or /* */
  • Labels – identifiers starting with @
  • Variables – identifiers starting with $ (global variables), or ending with @ (local variables) Also the aDMA type (starts with &) and arrays are highlighted as variables.
  • Keywords – the special words stored in the file keywords.ini (one for all edit modes) and a filekeywords.txt (one per edit mode)
  • Numbers – integer and floating-point numbers
  • Strings – a text between double quotes " " or single quotes ' '
  • Models – identifiers starting with #
  • Classes – the part of a class command before the . character
  • Commands – the part of a class command after the . character, or a subroutine
  • Directives – a command starting with {$
  • Constants – identifiers, declared within the CONST..END construct. See also Semantic highlighting.
The highlighting configuration is also used when the code source is saved into the RTF or HTML formats.
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