Here you can change the IDE settings.

GUI Colors

The following options allow to set up different colors for the editor.

Active line - the background color of the line with the cursor Gutter - the background color of the area on the left side of the code area (with line numbers) Editor - the background color of the code area

Code Scan Distance

The code scan distance (looking depth) is used when you press Ctrl+Space to find constants, labels and variables. The value tells the editor how many lines to scan up and down starting from the active line. If you set a number of 0, the editor scans the whole source file.

If the Auto list option is checked, the list of available labels, models and variables appears automatically as you type @, $, #.


Here you can choose the font and configure its display. Sanny Builder supports only monospaced fonts. AaBbCcDd reflects selected configuration.

Editor Configuration

Show main panel – toggle the main toolbar Show opcode info – make the editor display important information in the status bar (number of expecting parameters for an opcode, model ID, variable type, etc) Line numbers – show line numbers in the left padding area Show gutter border – display the border line on the right side of the left padding area. Uncheck this option to increase the available space visually. Load last closed file at startup – open the last closed file at startup Load all closed files – open all closed files at startup. This option is only available when the Load last closed file at startup is checked. Confirm when exit – confirm exit to prevent occasional program termination.